Building and Construction Material Testing

Building Materials Like

Aggregate, Admixture, Bricks, Cement, Lime, Steel Bar, Sand, Tiles, Soil for compaction, Soil for filling, Water for Drinking and Construction purpose, Kota stone, Marble ,Granite, Sand stone, Bell stone , Water proofing materials, Fly ash, Silica Fumes, Bentonite, White cement, Binding Wire, GI Mess, GI Wire, RCC Pipe, GSW Pipe, PVC Pipe, S.S. Pipe, MS Pipe, Asbestos sheet, Fly ash Bricks, AAC Block , Light Weight Aggregate, Block of Light Weight Aggregate, Tile and Block Adhesive, Cement-Sand Mortar ,Epoxy based product, Wall putty, Ready mix Mortar, Free sand Plaster, Crack filling material, Non Shrink Grout mix, all other chemical based specialized material etc.

Fresh and Harden Concrete

Concrete mix design with all methods and for all types of weather condition with available source, Workability of concrete, Setting time of concrete, Air Content in concrete , Compressive strength, Flexural strength, Tensile strength, Shear strength, Concrete permeability, Chemical analysis of concrete, Loss of workability test, Bleeding of concrete, Special Design mix like Pump able Concrete, SCC type concrete. Design with recycled of light weight aggregate, Heat Resistance Concrete, Temperature controller concrete, Ice Concrete, Concrete related Consultancy etc.

Precast Concrete Products

Paver Block, Manhole cover, C.C.Bricks, Hollow and Solid Blocks, Cable Cover, Kerb stone, Precast Wall Panel and Pole, Rain Catchment, Electric pole, Tree Catchment, Grass Paver, and Cover Block etc.

Finishing Items

All types of Tiles like Ceramic, Vitrified, Chequered, Terrazo, Pebblino etc. Aluminium Section, Paint, False Flooring, Ceiling Channel, False Ceiling, Wooden material like Wood, Play wood, MDF Board, FRP Door Shutter, HDF Board, Shuttering Ply, Water proof ply, Window section etc. , PVC Door Shutter, MS Window section, Glass, Acid resistance tiles, Footsteps , Railing section, Filter material, Gypsum related products etc.

Road and Highways Material Testing

Earth, Embankment Layer , GSB ,Filter Media, WMM, Soil Stability, BM,DBM,BC,SDBC,DLC, Screed Concrete , Surface Dressing Coat ,MSS , Seal Coat , Mastic Asphalt , Bituminous & Non Bituminous Layers ,Road Unevenness By Bump Integrator , Benkelman Beam Test, Road Layer Core Cutting , Blanket layer, Ballast Etc.

Metal and Alloys Mechanical Products

Ferrous-Non Ferrous Metals, Alloys & Metal Products, Welds, Welded Test Specimens & Welder Approval, Coupler efficiency, Barbed wire, Binding wire, Concertina coil etc.

Geotechnical Field Investigation, Soil Testing

Geotechnical Investigations, Standard Penetration Test, Field CBR Test, Field Permeability Test, Soil stabilization etc.

Non-Destructive Testing & Analysis

Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Tests, Rebound Hammer Test, Carbonation Test, Crack Width Measurement in Reinforcement Concrete Structures, Pile Integrity Etc.

Specialized Testing Services

Specialized Testing Services based On Custom Methodologies, Testing as per ASTM and BS Standard, Testing of non-routine material, developing method for new latest materials, Method validation

Technical Consultancy Services

Highway Related Consultancy, Proficiency Testing, Problem Identification, Materials Selection, Process Assessments & Optimization, Product Evaluations, Inspection, Research and Feasibility Testing, Method Development and Selection, Failure Analysis, Technical Training, Expert Witness Etc.

Training Services

HLab Engineer or Technician Training For QA/QC, Internal Auditor Training Programme ISO/IEC 17025 Documentation Training, Uncertainty Measurements, Test Method Validation Etc.



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