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What we are

We have grate to pleasure to introduce our company, Dhanvi Group. This group is engaged in two different branches in construction industries
1) Dhanvi Construction
2) Dhanvi Consultancy
Dhanvi Construction is one of the leading construction company of Palanpur and had played very important role in various government and private sector projects. It is also one of the key players in various ongoing land development projects.
Dhanvi Consultancy is engaged in Quality Assurance and Quality Control programmes with all testing facilities, Third Party Inspection programme, Training programme related to quality control and testing, Turnkey lab setup Programme, Concrete related consultancy, Pavement Design, Report preparation and reviewing process for all types of material testing, Design and analysis for new types of construction products etc. Our company is also engaged with approving procedure for National Accreditation board ( NABL ) as per ISO- 172025, ISO -9001-2015, BIS, Road and Building department approval etc.
We are having a team of enthusiastic young and dynamic engineers and staff members with our firm.
Our success is driven by more than building some of the most innovative building in Gujarat state and Underground construction work. Our success is also driven by some of the most advanced material testing and research facilities for our corporate institutional and government clients.
More and more of our clients are turning to us for our distinctive ability to implement innovative service and to serve as reliable provider to all kind of driven solution for their complex construction projects.
About Dhanvi Group :
Dhanvi group was established in year 2010, with a mission to provide to excellent services with accuracy, precision, innovation, reliability and quality.
Bhugan Infracon Pvt. Ltd. is the leading construction company. This company is the parent company of the Dhanvi Group. We can proudly say that Bhugan Infracon Pvt.Ltd. is the foundation of the Dhanvi Group. Bhugan Infracon Pvt.Ltd. is the company name behind many successful government projects and various ongoing projects. it is also one of the key players in various land development projects and underground construction projects in the state of Gujarat, Rajasthan etc.
We do not compromise on our work and principles at the cost of quality. We have established a fully advanced equipped laboratory for soil, material testing. We have a sufficiently large premise to carry our all such activity under a single roof.
We are glad to inform you that we share a good contribution to complete the dream project of our honourable Pri.Minister Mr.Narendra Modi. i.e. GIFT City project at Gandhinagar in capital of Gujarat. Over n above we have good construction practice in underground construction like tunnel. We have successfully completed polished concrete work in tunnel in one of the most reputed project.

Our Companies

Dhanvi Construction
Dhanvi Consultancy
Bhugan Infracon Pvt Ltd

Why Choose Us?

We are committed to accuracy, Quality, Reliability and economy. To fulfil our mission we have undertaken many projects, which have been completed successfully, timely and to the satisfaction of our clients. Our firm is growing rapidly and to enhance the growth we are looking for many more projects. We are sure that with your favourable co-operation, we will be able to achieve our goal.
At Dhanvi Group , we built trust and keep our customer satisfied by serving quality service and by becoming a small part in his growing business.
At Dhanvi Consultany, Our professional engineers having vast experience and understanding of material testing, construction materials and construction practises. Our team of engineers and technicians help our clients anticipate and minimise potential issue and delays.Laboratory is well maintained and equipped with necessary apparatus to carry out all Testing of Soil SPT / Soil Compaction / GSB /WMM / Building Materials / Concrete, Cement & Fly ash / Aggregate Test/ NDT (Rebound Hammer, UPV, Concrete Core etc.). All equipments are calibrated according to the IS Requirements. Our team is well trained to handle laboratory apparatus to provide the consistent and reliable results.At Dhanvi Consultancy, we build trust and keep our customer satisfied by serving quality service, and by becoming a small part in his growing business.Timely Delivery of Report, Customer satisfaction is ensured throughout the testing process. Accuracy of testing result is maintained with all materials. We invite you to explore our Best services of your testing needs.

"we welcome you to our premises with full respect and Honour"

Our Services

We are providing all Building Material Testing Like Aggregate, Admixture, Bricks, Cement, Lime, Steel Bar, Sand, Tiles, Soil for compaction, Soil for filling, Water for Drinking etc.,Fresh and Harden Concrete,Precast Concrete Products and Finishing Items
Earth, Embankment Layer , GSB ,Filter Media, WMM, Soil Stability, BM,DBM,BC,SDBC,DLC, Screed Concrete , Surface Dressing Coat ,MSS , Seal Coat , Mastic Asphalt , Bituminous & Non Bituminous Layers ,Road Unevenness By Bump Integrator , Benkelman Beam Test, Road Layer Core Cutting , Blanket layer, Ballast Etc.
Ferrous-Non Ferrous Metals, Alloys & Metal Products, Welds, Welded Test Specimens & Welder Approval, Coupler efficiency, Barbed wire, Binding wire, Concertina coil etc.
Geotechnical Investigations, Standard Penetration Test, Field CBR Test, Field Permeability Test, Soil stabilization etc.
Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Tests, Rebound Hammer Test, Carbonation Test, Crack Width Measurement in Reinforcement Concrete Structures, Pile Integrity Etc.
Specialized Testing Services based On Custom Methodologies, Testing as per ASTM and BS Standard, Testing of non-routine material, developing method for new latest materials, Method validation
Highway Related Consultancy, Proficiency Testing, Problem Identification, Materials Selection, Process Assessments & Optimization, Product Evaluations, Inspection, Research and Feasibility Testing, Method Development and Selection, Failure Analysis, Technical Training, Expert Witness Etc.
Lab Engineer or Technician Training For QA/QC, Internal Auditor Training Programme ISO/IEC 17025 Documentation Training, Uncertainty Measurements, Test Method Validation Etc.


  • Address: Near Vaishnovdevi Circle,
    Beside Royal Heights,
    S.P.Ring Road,
  • Email: lab@dhanvigroup.com
  • Website: www.dhanvigroup.com
  • Tel: 97258 05291



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